Facebook ads can be a great and
cost-effective way to get exposure to a
hungry buyer market. There are over 1
billion daily active users on Facebook,
and many of them spend an average of about
an hour a day on the site.

The main problem with Facebook over the  8 Tips And Tricks To Take Your Facebook Ads To The Next Level
past few years is that the number of
people you can reach without spending
money, or organic reach, has decreased to
almost zero. Even with a fan page and
thousands of fans, you still have to pay
to reach them. If you want to take your
Facebook Ads marketing to the next level,
here are 8 Tips And Tricks.

Use Text On Your Images

Keep it under 20% of the total image. You can
check your text overlay percentage here:


Don’t consolidate all your demographics
into a single ad unless you know for sure
that your typical buyers are very similar.

If you have a movie store, people who like
thrillers may not always like comedy, so
it’s a better to create multiple ads to
appeal to each movie genre. You can tweak
or stop any campaigns that aren’t getting
a good click-through rate or return on
your investment.

Desktop Newsfeed Ads

At first, stick with the desktop
newsfeed ad placement option. This is the
most effective option in virtually every
situation, and also has a fairly low
average cost per click. The main exception
to this is if you specifically want to
target mobile users. You will want to
choose the mobile newsfeed placement
option if you do.


Test multiple ad formats and stay with
the few that perform best. You can try
variations such as using carousel ads,
canvas ads, and video ads if they make
more sense for your business. You won’t
know is going to perform best unless you
test them.

Bright Colors

Use a lot of bright colors in your
images and videos to grab people’s
attention. Avoid blending in with
Facebook so your ads will be noticed!

Sales And Special Events

Mention sales and special events in your
ads. Be sure to set a time limit on the
ad if they will be expiring. You don’t
want people to click on your ad if the
deal has expired!


Include a strong call-to-action in all
of your facebook ads. If you want people
to opt-in to your email list, buy something
or take any other action, tell them. A strong
call-to-action can mean the difference
between killer results or no results at


Avoid focusing so much on your
click-through rate (CTR) that you forget
about your return on investment (ROI).
Spending too much time on optimizing your
CTR may save some money on ads, but if the
results decrease your ROI, you will lose
money in the long run.

Please feel free to share any Facebook ad tips and tricks of your own in the comments.

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