Customer service is the most important
focus of any business because without
customers your business is non-existent.
Losing just one customer can cost you
hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If
you don’t believe it, allow me to
illustrate how just one customer can
greatly impact your business with some of
my own experiences as a customer.

My Negative Personal Experience

A couple of years ago, I made a deal to purchase $8,000 Blog Post   How Just One Customer Can Greatly Impact Your Business
some amazing software from a very
reputable online business. They were super
nice and gave me an awesome deal so I
didn’t mind spending over $1000 for it
because they had products that were of
great value to me, excellent customer
service and were always quick to assist
with me any issues.  After that, I
purchased every new product they created.
One of their software programs has been a
real lifesaver for me and I use it on a
regular basis. I have spent around $2000
on their products over the past few years.

However, a few months ago I purchased
their latest software plus all of the
upsells which came to around $125. There
were no tutorials for the main software
and I was not given access to upsells.
Though I emailed them several times, I
received no response. Eventually, I
reluctantly opened a Paypal dispute, which
I don’t like to do because I know this can
have a very negative impact on a business
and I don’t advise it unless you have a
very good reason, such as receiving no
access to what you purchased. The seller
did not respond to any emails sent by
Paypal and I was given a full refund. The
same week that I received my refund, the
company had their biggest launch yet,
which included a completely new version of
the software that I have become so reliant
upon as a marketer for a recurring fee.
Normally I would have been counting the
minutes until launch time and would
happily pay a recurring fee for my beloved

Fearful of a poor experience, I
valiantly fought the urge to make a
purchase.  I don’t have any animosity
towards the company and I wish them
success but that experience was not
pleasant for me and I don’t want to
experience it again.  Don’t get me wrong,
overall, I believe them to be honest with
a great company and great products.  Even
though I love their stuff, I just decided
to move on.

Avoid Making Negative Remarks

One thing that I have seen in emails and
in blog posts over and over again from
some marketers is that if you don’t like
what they have to say you can just
unsubscribe from their list and don’t even
bother making a purchase.  I have even
seen that kind of thing as a title or
headline.  Well, guess what? They
definitely did not have me at hello and
just lost me as a customer.  Why? Because
they have just made me feel like my
business doesn’t matter to them in just
one sentence so they simply don’t get any
of it.

Before you send out that email,
write that blog post or sales letter,
think about how it sounds to the person
reading it.  Ask yourself how you would
feel if you were the one reading it.

My Positive Personal Experience

On the flip-side, I have had such $8,000 Blog Post   How Just One Customer Can Greatly Impact Your Business
wonderful customer experiences that I have
gone on to make high dollar purchases as
in my first example gone awry. My best
example of this is when I joined an
internet marketing coaching program that
cost $6,000 for 6 months. Yes, you read
that correctly, $6000!

I was not even remotely on the fence about
joining. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even
anywhere NEAR the fence. But, there was
a free consult and the sales letter were so
well-written that my curiosity got the better
of me and I signed up. The price of the
coaching was not advertised so I had no
idea how much it would be.

When it was time for my call, I answered,
willing to listen, but not expecting that I
would be interested in the coaching. The guy
on the other end of the line took such great
interest in me and my struggles online and
even took the time to exchange ideas with
me, so I decided to join even though I
definitely didn’t have that kind of money
laying around and had to make a deal to
pay in two installments.  He held a spot
for me because of the limit on the number
of students being accepted.  He did it
because he thought I was worth it and made
me feel like I was worth the time to add
to the team.  Or, at least that is how he
made me feel.  OK, so it didn’t hurt that
I also knew my soon-to-be marketing coach
had become a huge success online starting
from nothing and somewhat of an expert on
writing sales copy, which can also make or
break your online business, but that is
for another post.

Just One Customer Can Make You A Lot Of Money

Just in case you’re wondering, I am
definitely not rich…not yet anyway.  In
fact, far from it.  I live on an average
salary and had to save, sacrifice and
borrow to make those purchases and
the $8000 I spent on the products mention
above was a LOT of money to me.  Looking at
me as just ONE customer, you can see the
potential value in every single customer
and the potential that awaits if you make
customer service a top priority in your

Consider Word Of Mouth

One last thing that I would like to point
out in closing about customer service is
one thing we all know to be true; word of
mouth can make or break your business and
an online business is definitely no
exception. One of the most powerful online
business tools are online reviews.

How many times have you purchased
or passed on purchasing a product based
on the experiences of others? How often
have you raved about a product and
encouraged others to buy or had such a
negative experience you urged against a
purchase to save others from experiencing
the same?

Get in on the discussion.  Leave a comment on your customer service experiences below.

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