Are You Making These Top 5 List Building Mistakes?

The Money Is In The List

We’ve all heard this statement over and over
again and the first of the list building mistakes
that you can make is not building a list at all.
Why? Think about it this way, if you suddenly
had a financial emergency and were really
strapped for cash, what would you do? Swallow
your pride and borrow from family and friends?
Or, take a risk and go to the bank or a loan
company knowing that you will pay a lot more
back in the long run?

Well, if you’re an online marketer with an
email list, you won’t have to go the
embarrassing or risky route. You would
simply start putting together some kind of
killer offer, most likely an affiliate offer,
that is already converting well, and email
it to your list.

Did you know that each email subscriber can
earn about $1 per month for you? Let’s think
about what this means. If you have 100
subscribers on your list, you could
potentially earn $100 per month. 1,000
subscribers could potentially earn you $1,000
per month. This is a general guideline and
not a hard rule. It could be less, but it
could also be much more depending on your
niche, your offers, and how you nurture your

If you are interested in an example of how
much money just one customer can potentially
be worth to hit this point home to you, one
of my first blog posts discusses this. If
you haven’t read it yet, try guessing who the
customer is. Curious? Go here to check and

Here are some of the biggest list building
mistakes people make when building a list
then marketing to them and how you can avoid
making them with your own email campaigns.

Mistake #1
Not Building A List Right Away

It’s never too soon to start trying to build
your email list. Just one person could buy
every single product that you promote, so
set up a squeeze page and a lead magnet and
start trying to get subscribers immediately.
It doesn’t matter if you have no traffic. As
a matter of fact, at the time of this
writing, I have very few visitors to this new
blog, but I know that will change. Why would I
wait? I could miss that one person who could
potentially turn things around for me. You
never know what is going to happen and one of
the #1 rules of success is to be passionate
enough to try.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you decide to
wait until you have 1,000 unique visitors per
day to your website to start building your
email list and that it takes you a full year
to reach your goal. Let’s also pretend that
you have an average of 100 visitors each day
before that goal is reached. Let’s also
pretend that your squeeze page would have
converted 10% of those visitors to
subscribers. OK, now let’s do the math. 10%
of 100 visitors per day is 10 x 365 days =
3,650 subscribers. Keeping in mind that the
average subscriber is worth $1 per month, so
that’s $3,650 per month in income that you
could be missing out on!

Mistake #2
Poor Lead Magnets

In case you are not aware of what a lead
magnet is, it is something that you give away
for free as an incentive to get people to
subscribe to your list.  It could be a free
video, report, eBook, email course, software
or maybe a free coupon or discount offer.

A lot of people think that they can put
together a short report that offers very
little actual value. This is a big mistake.
While it might work to get people to
subscribe to your list by throwing together a
poorly written report with no benefit or
value, it won’t benefit you long term. Short
is not necessarily bad. I don’t want you to
think that is my point. I am talking about
value here. A cheat sheet that is only one
page but packed full of valuable content is
much better than a 20-page report filled with
no valuable content at all.  People love
cheatsheets, including myself, so there is a
good idea for another type of lead magnet
that you can use.

Why is it that a poor lead magnet is a such a
big mistake?

It is because the purpose of a lead magnet is
not only to entice people to subscribe to
your list, it’s also a sneak peek of what you
know. It’s a preview of what types of things
that are of value that you might offer your
list in the future. It shows people that
you’re an expert in your field or niche

Your lead magnet really should be of such
high quality that people would be willing to
pay money for it. The higher the quality of
your lead magnet, the more people will want
to buy whatever you offer for sale later.
This is because they will automatically think
that if the free offer is this great, the
paid product must be pretty freaking
awesome!  I can’t even begin to tell you from
a customer perspective how many times I have
purchased a product just because of the
valuable content of the lead magnet so I know
that it actually works.

Mistake #3
Poor Squeeze Page

A poor squeeze page will destroy your list
building efforts faster than anything else.
A poorly constructed squeeze page could
result in you losing out on a very large
number of subscribers.

Let’s examine the example of the 3,650
subscribers mentioned earlier. Those 3,650
subscribers would be half that amount (1,825)
if your squeeze page only converted at 5%
instead of 10%. That is a potential
difference of earning $1,850 on average per
month instead of an average of $3,650 per
month, which is a HUGE difference!  If we
looked at the numbers exponentially in the
context of earning enough money in one year
to buy a car paying the full amount, it could
mean the difference between driving a Toyota
Corolla and a Tesla Roadster.  No offense
meant towards you Toyota fans out there!

It is quite likely that you won’t create a
perfect squeeze page initially. It might take
a while, testing several versions, before you
come up with the right one.  You can use A/B
split testing to determine which version
converts the best.  You could also send some
paid traffic to your squeeze page versions to
test them before you even begin using them on
your site.

My apologies that I can’t give you a squeeze
page example that is guaranteed to work in
any niche. Different markets will respond
better to different strategies, which is why
you need to test different styles,
headlines,  images, colors.  You should even
test different lead magnets until you come up
with a squeeze page that converts well for
you.  If you want to learn more about split
testing, you can read my blog post about it

Mistake #4
No Autoresponder Sequence

You have built a list of several hundred or
several thousand people. So, now what?

You’re missing out on a lot of potential
profits from your list if you are not using
an autoresponder sequence. You will want to
keep your list warm until you’re ready to
send out your next offer.

What do I mean by keeping a list warm?

Let’s assume that you join an email list so
you can get a free report. You read the
report and like it, but then you don’t get
any emails from the marketer who sent it to
you for several weeks. Then you suddenly get
an email from that marketer selling

You may have forgotten them by now or even
remember the free report you got or where it
came from. Now they seem like a spammer and
you hate spam, so you just click the “spam”
button in your email and you don’t get any
emails from that person again.

You don’t want this to happen to you so you
need to keep your list warm by using an
autoresponder to send them valuable and
interesting emails every few days for a while
after they join to keep them warm.  A lot of
marketers send emails on a daily basis.  You
can train your list to expect certain things
from you like daily emails, one freebie per
week, etc.

Mistake #5
Using the Wrong Autoresponder Service

Your autoresponder service can make a huge
difference when it comes to the success of
your email marketing efforts.

Some autoresponder services go to great
lengths to ensure that their emails are
whitelisted by most of the major email
providers and ISPs.  This means that your
emails are much less likely to be marked as
spam and that means that your emails will be
seen and read by more people.

The biggest mistake that you can make is to
use a script that runs on your own server.
You won’t have automatic whitelisting that a
quality email service provider has, and you
can potentially be the target of spam
complaints. In return, this could result in
your hosting account being shut down or even
get your domain name taken away from you!

If you’re using a quality autoresponder
service, they field many of the spam
complaints that you might receive.  And yes,
you will get complaints no matter what you
do.  Sometimes people may forget who you are
or try to unsubscribe and make a mistake
getting left on your list.  Then they may
think you’re continuing to email them without
your permission.  if you have a good
autoresponder service, they would be in a
position to be your advocate.  This is
because they have many anti-spam measures in
place to protect themselves, which in turn,
also protects you.

For more about autoresponder services, you
can check out another one of my posts to
learn more about it here.

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