If you want to stand out as an affiliate
in the marketplace, boost your income
fast, while building an ultra-targeted list
of wildly loyal customers, then keep reading.

As an affiliate marketer, your main
goal is to warm up a customer base of
subscribers and turn them into buyers.
Not just buyers who will purchase your
products through your affiliate links, but
customers who will purchase through you
over and over again, when making the decision
to make a purchase.

This is easier to do than you may think.
There are a couple of incredibly powerful
strategies that can change the way that you
promote products so that you are immediately
maximizing not only your outreach, but also
your bottom line.  Doing this will catapult
your marketing efforts, and push you to the top
of affiliate leaderboards.

Connect, Entice, Convert

There are 3 important steps in the process when
attempting to turn a prospect into a customer:

Connecting with your target audience
requires more than just a couple of quick
emails sent out through an autoresponder
sequence.  It also means much more than
just getting them added to your mailing list
or funneling them to your website or your
sales system.

Every single one of the top affiliate marketers
have one thing in common.  They know
exactly how to connect with their audience on a
very personal level and they are willing to go
the extra mile, even further than their
competition is willing to go.

This does not mean that they spend hours
of their time creating personalized emails.
You can easily connect with your target
audience without having to sacrifice all of
your spare time catering to individuals with
a thousand questions or concerns in a way
that demonstrates your commitment to them.

How you meet your prospect is how it all begins.
Meaning that every element within your sales
system should be tweaked so that it speaks
directly to your target audience and shows
clear value to them.

If you sell your own products, from your landing
page, squeeze page, sales page), to your email
marketing campaigns, you need to know who your
demographic audience is so that you can create
content that compels and that  is not only
share-worthy but also speaks to your market as
though you are a friend supporting and guiding them
each  step of the way through every single purchase decision
that they make.

If you position yourself as someone who is
looking out for your customer, it will put
you above your competition. You should be
looking for ways to design your emails and
landing pages around what it is that best
serves your prospects.  You need to speak
their language and discuss what is the most
important to them.  Above all else, you should
offer them incredible value.  Earn their trust
and you will also earn their loyalty. That is
the ultimate connection that you want to make
with your prospects.

Enticing your prospect involves knowing
what makes them emotional, what they’re most
interested in, and what it is that they are looking
for.  Offering that to your prospects will break
through all the barriers and earn the commission
for you time and again.

Converting a prospect into a customer
happens automatically when you’ve
connected and enticed them.  If you have
successfully earned their trust, and
persuaded the prospect that you have
exactly what they need to improve their
lives in some way, you will see an instant
increase in conversion rates in general.

Bribe Your Way To Make The Sale

Here we are talking about “ethical bribery”.
This is where you offer your prospects
additional value for free as a reward just for
purchasing through your link.

What kind of ethical bribes will work
for your target market?

It really depends on the kind of products
that you are promoting, and figuring out
the best way to tie your bonus product(s)
into an existing sales funnel.

For example, if you are promoting a course
that teaches people how to build an email
list, you could create a package of squeeze page
templates as a bonus product.  This kind of bonus
ultimately extends the value of their purchase
providing a done-for-you template
that eliminates or reduces their workload, and
simplifies the process of building a list.
It’s a directly related to the main product you are
promoting without taking away from what
the product offers.

You should never create a bonus that contains
components that are already part of the main
product you are promoting. Always aim to offer
something that is not already included in the
product and enhances the value of it.

You want the benefit to be clear to anyone
who is considering purchasing a product
through your affliliate link, letting them know
why buying through you is a smart decision.

Your bonus offer should always be
exclusive to your own marketing and
limited, meaning that you will offer
it only to your target audience for each
for each product that you promote.
While you could offer the same bonus to
different groups of people, it decreases its
perceived value if you have any kind of
cross-over within the segments of your

This means that if you want to repurpose
your bonus package so that you can offer it
within multiple campaigns, you should
seriously think about adding  something different
to the offer so that it isn’t exactly the same.

You need to make your bonuses unique in some way,
whether it is adding a little more value, another
report, template, or a component that isn’t included
anywhere else. The idea is to create high-value,
high-quality bonus offers that your audience doesn’t
already have, and won’t get from any other affiliate

That way, if you end up promoting the same
bonus someone who has already received
it from you in a previous purchase, they will
still get something new that they haven’t already
received from you.

Creating Killer Bonus Content How To Stand Out As An Affiliate Marketer

Many new affiliate marketers struggle with creating
exactly the kind of bonus content will entice and
convert their prospects into becoming customers.

The better you know your target market, the easier
it will be to create bonus products that appeal to the
just about everyone.  You can’t get around it; you should
know what your prospects are most interested in so that
you can profit from that when creating your bonuses.

Begin by researching your niche and look for
the types of products are actively being sold and are
still in demand.  Then create a bonus package around it.

You can search niche-related forums, social media, as
your favorite online marketplaces that you primarily
plan to use within your affiliate marketing campaigns
such as JVZoo or ClickBank.

For example, if you are in the seo niche and you are
promoting an seo membership site that provides videos,
pdfs, and an seo plugin for WordPress, you could
offer a short report that offers additional training for that
specific audience like how to do keyword research.

The key is to ensure your bonus offer enhances the value
of the product  that you are promoting, while not competing
with it either.

A few ideas to get you started:


Loyalty programs

Video training

Host a webinar

Write a review

Case studies

Access to free membership sites

The best bonuses are even more valuable
than the product itself.  Your offer
should demonstrate clear value and be an
absolute no-brainer to those who are
considering purchasing through your link.

Always work towards creating a bonus offer
that enhances the value of the product
being sold, and limit the distribution
whenever possible.  Make the offer unique
and special in some way, and exclusive to
your offer.

Private label websites are a great way to
source content that you could transform into
high-quality bonus offers.  However, consider
combining multiple private label products
in order to create something new.

Reports, interviews, webinars, eBooks and
video training are all highly sought after
bonuses that will maximize the value
of your customer’s purchase while making it
easy for you to stand out in the affiliate

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