Anyone Can Become A Super Affiliate

Have you ever wondered how super
affiliates are able to win big affiliate
contests over and over again? How To Win Big Affiliate Contests

The same names seem to be on the affiliate
leaderboards every time there is a big
product launch.

You may think it’s not possible to compete
with those big name marketers, but the
real truth is that absolutely anyone has
the potential to win those big affiliate

If you’ve ever wondered how the super
affiliates do it, you’re about to learn
how in this post.  And no, it’s not
necessarily about the size of the list
that they have.

Even affiliates with smaller lists, or who
have other sources of traffic, do have a
great shot at winning big affiliate
contests. It’s not just about the size of
your audience; it’s how you use the
audience that you have!


Promoting the Right Products

Many affiliates promote every launch or
promote a product just because it pays a
huge commission. While understandable,
this is a mistake, and it won’t get you to
the top of the affiliate leaderboards
unless you happen to get it just right.

Your traffic source might be your list,
blog, website, or social media. But the
traffic source that you use is unique.  No
single email list, blog, or any other
single traffic source of any kind, is
exactly like another.  Your traffic
follows you for a reason.

Let’s suppose you have a list that you
built selling products about
building profitable e-commerce sites and
there’s a huge new launch coming up for an
SEO product for e-commerce owners.  It
pays a huge commission so you’ll get rich
by promoting it, right?

Not necessarily.

Some of your list won’t be interested in
it at all.  Maybe they only use social media
traffic to make money from their
e-commerce products, and aren’t at all
interested in focusing on SEO.

Others on your list may be just a little
bit curious, or maybe even quite excited
about the hype for the product, but they
see the price and flinch. Or maybe the
sales page just doesn’t appeal to them.

Others may be interested, and may even buy
the product.  However, those people
probably won’t be enough to help you win
the affiliate contest.

It’s MUCH more important to promote
products that are a good fit for your
traffic source than it is to pursue those
huge commissions.

That’s not to say a product that isn’t
very closely related to your main niche
cannot do well, because it certainly is
possible if the product creator has done a
good job with marketing the product. But,
in general, it’s better to select only the
best products that are most likely to fit
with your audience.

Remember, if you are working your list the
right way, you’ll be sending them more
quality content than promotions anyway.
You will be offering your list value on a
consistent basis, so they will be looking
for your messages and opening your emails

It is also the same basic principle if
you’re using other traffic sources like
social media or blogs.  You will be
offering those people more value than
promotions too. Otherwise, they may
not come back to you, right?

What this means is that it’s important to
only promote products that your audience
will find valuable, and those that you
think they will be the happiest with


Before the Live Product Launch

It’s very important to start preparing
before the product is live if you really
want to win the affiliate contest. You
will need to jump in and begin preparing
for promotion before most other people in
order to get your audience ready for
launch day.

The pre-launch phase is a very critical
time because it gets people excited and
the hype going even before the price of
the product is revealed.

Price is important.  Many people will
scroll past the actual sales page to find
out the price of the product, and won’t
even bother reading it if they think it’s
too expensive.

When you begin promoting a product before
it’s officially launched, people often
won’t know the price, and you will be able
to get them excited about the product
first. Not only that, but you’ll be able
to prepare your list for the product
release and watching for it before the
official promotion begins.

What are some methods of promoting a
product before the launch is live? Let’s
take a look at a few promotion ideas.



Webinars are one of the most powerful
methods of selling because you have the
opportunity to give people a sample of
what a product is all about without them
having to pay for it.

Think of a webinar as a free sample, not a
selling platform.  And, don’t hold a
webinar to just sell, sell, sell. People
will leave that type of webinar quickly,
and you’ll have no chance of making the

Instead, you need to try and offer lots of
quality information. You don’t want to
give away everything, but you can give
people enough of a sample that they think
if the webinar was this good, the product
must be totally amazing.

The most effective type of webinar is one
held in partnership with the product
owner. You and the owner would create the
webinar together, or you could create it
yourself and have the owner approve it,
but it won’t be as effective without them
on the webinar.

People want to hear directly from the
owner of the product because they’re the
one with the information about what
they’re trying to sell. If you try holding
one on your own, people aren’t as likely
to attend because they will think it’s
nothing but a sales pitch.



You can post a product review before it is
released. If you have a good source of
traffic and can prove that you do, most
product owners will be happy to give you a
review copy of their product so you can
post a review before the official launch.

The best way to get a review copy is to
contact the product owner and let them
know what you plan to do.

Tell them the amount of traffic you have
or how many list subscribers and that
you want to write a review of the product
before the launch as part of your
pre-selling strategy.

Some product owners won’t agree if they
don’t know you, but many of them will. If
you can get a review copy before the
launch, your review will be a great way to
create hype before the launch. You can
also get search engine traffic to your
review if you post it on your blog.

That way, as soon as people start hearing
about the product and search for
information about it, you have an
opportunity to get them to optin to your


Hype Emails

The best way to start creating hype for
the product before launch is to start
emailing your list about it.

If you don’t already have one, building a
list while promoting a launch is a
perfect strategy. You can create a short
report or video that compliments the
product and give it away free to start
building your list.  Once subscribers are
on your list, you can start promoting the
launch by building hype.

A good way to build hype before a launch
is to start posting teasers about the
product. (You’ll want to get the product
owner’s permission to do this because they
may want to see what you are posting

Teasers are either previews about the type
of content included or excerpts from the
actual content of the product.

The emails don’t always have to include
actual content. Sometimes just telling
people some of the things they will learn
or some of the actual results of beta
testers is enough.  This is the kind of
information people want to hear.

Sometimes there won’t be beta testers or
any kind of proof from users before the
launch. If not, you can publish (with
permission) actual excerpts from the
product or the results the product creator
had that led to the development of the

The more hype you build before the launch,
the more sales you’re likely to make once
the product officially goes live.


Live Launch

It’s time to start pre-selling, once the
product has officially
launched.  Pre-selling is everything you
do before the potential customer arrives
on the sales page.  These things help to
increase conversions significantly.

Pre-selling is relatively easy.

If you’ve seen the product before you
start selling it, you will know where the
sales page is lacking information.
Ideally, you should see the product just
to be sure that you’re promoting only the
best products.

If the sales page  focuses too little on an
aspect of the product that you know would
be important to your audience, or you think
it doesn’t present information in the best
order, you can use these kinds of things
to pre-sell.

Pre-selling will allow you to discuss the
features you think would be most important
to your audience before they even visit
the sales page, which will help to
increase conversions.

You may wonder why you need to do any
pre-selling at all.  Shouldn’t the product
sell itself and isn’t the sales page

Well, it partially is. Obviously, the
product should be great if you decide to
promote it and should have a sales page
that will convert visitors into buyers.
However, keep in mind that your audience
might not know the product owner, but they
trust you, and may not trust the product
owner yet.

By doing some pre-selling, you’re helping
pass the trust your audience has in you
onto the product as well as the product
owner. (That’s why it’s really important
to only promote products you know are high

Let’s focus on some ways you can promote a
product effectively at the time of its


Stay on Top of The Entire Launch

At the moment the product goes live, you
should be ready to send your first email
to your list. Don’t wait because if
someone sees the product first in another
marketer’s email, they may buy using their
affiliate link and you will lose out on
the sale.

If it’s a new launch that you’re
promoting, you must be ready to send out
your first email the moment the product
goes live. Even if you know exactly when
it is scheduled to go live, don’t schedule
the email because things happen and
launches sometimes get delayed.  Be ready
to send the email out at a moment’s



Bonuses have become the standard in
affiliate marketing, especially in
competitive markets such as internet
marketing.  Some people “bonus shop” to
see which marketer is offering the best
bonuses before they buy a product.

So what if you don’t have anything of
quality or value that you can offer as a

You can either purchase a PLR product or
create a bonus yourself, which is the

Creating a bonus has 3 benefits over PLR:

  1. What you create will probably be better
    quality with higher perceived value than
    any PLR product.
  2. You can sell the bonus later, include it
    with a product you sell, or as an
    individual product. You could also use it
    as a lead magnet to encourage people to
    opt-in to your email list.
  3. You can design the bonus very closely to
    the product that you’re promoting.
    Another benefit of creating your own bonus
    is that it will be exclusive to you and no
    one else would be offering it as a bonus.


Be Consistent

Consistency is especially important when
promoting products that have a high price
tag, which generally are those with the
best affiliate prizes.  Don’t expect to
send out one email and win an affiliate
contest.  You have to keep driving the
message repeatedly.

This may sound counterproductive.

You may think your audience will get tired
of hearing about the same product over and
over again and some might. But it often
takes being exposed to the same ad or
product around three times before a person
decides to purchase, especially for
big-ticket products.

Consistency is also important if you’re
participating in every stage of the
product launch. You need to keep up with
each step of the process, from pre-launch
marketing like webinars and reviews to
post-launch marketing such as sending
emails and offering bonuses.

You can even use the angle that you’re
doing your audience a favor by telling
them about the product before it even
launches, and then remind them about
it once it has officially launched.

Technically speaking, if the product is
good, you would be doing them a favor.
This is especially true if the product is
limited and likely to sell out quickly or
is being offered at a discount.

If you really want to win the affiliate
contest, it’s crucial that you keep
hitting your list.  But obviously, you
don’t want to promote too much.

Send a minimum of three emails for a

  1. The pre-launch announcement about the
    upcoming product.
  2. The announcement that the product is now
  3. A follow-up to remind people to purchase
    and let them know if the product is close
    to selling out or the launch discount is
    about to end.

You can send more than three emails to
your list but that should be the bare

If you want to send more than three
emails, this is an effective schedule:

  1. The pre-launch announcement about the
    upcoming product.
  2. An announcement about your upcoming
    webinar on the product.
  3. A reminder just before the webinar.
  4. A reminder the day before the product goes
    live with an announcement about your
  5. An announcement that the product is live.
  6. A follow-up to remind people to purchase
    and let them know if the product is close
    to selling out or the launch discount is
    about to end.

As long as the emails are sent one or two
days apart, people most likely won’t be
upset about the frequency of emails.  This
will give you the best chance of winning
the contest.

Don’t give up just because there is huge
lead on the leaderboard!

The top two or three marketers on the
leaderboard in the first couple of days
may later drop because they don’t send
follow-up emails to their list.  This will
give you a chance to jump ahead of them if
you are consistent and send out follow-up
messages to your list.


What To Do If You Don’t Have A List

What if you don’t have a list to use to
promote the product?  You may only have a
blog or are using social media to promote
products. This is not a big deal. You can
just use the product launch to build your

Some product owners will provide you with
a lead magnets and pre-written
autoresponder messages to use for your
product promotion.  You can use them to
build your list or you can create your

If you have a blog or Facebook fan page in
a particular niche like internet
marketing, you can start promoting the
product on those pages.  You may even
reach people who would otherwise not know
about the product at all. Then you can
start pre-selling the product the same as
you would if you already had a list.

You can tell people that if they want more
information about the product, they can
sign up for your email list to find out
when it’s launched and the special bonuses
you’re offering to people who buy through
your affiliate link.

People who have already heard about the
product may do a search to find out more
information about it.  You can use this as
an opportunity to get more traffic by
posting a review online to make it

Be sure that you use this page as an
opportunity to build your list.  You will
need to put an opt-in box on the page that
offers your free lead magnet related to
the product to let people know they can
find out more information as soon as the
product is launched by signing up for your

Don’t forget to let them know you’re
offering bonuses, especially if it is
something exclusive that they can’t get
anywhere else.



If you’ve always wondered how super
affiliates seem to win affiliate contests
over and over again, you no longer have to
wonder. You now have the same tactics that
they use (and some they probably don’t!)
You can now do exactly what they do!

Remember, consistency is key.

You will want to promote the product
every step of the way, including before,
during, and after the launch.  Follow-up
promotion is crucial because it will keep
people reminded about the product and give
them more reasons to buy.

Even if you don’t have a list, you still
have a chance to win an affiliate contest.
It’s not necessarily about being the first
to promote a product or having the biggest
list. It’s all about the methods that you
use to promote the product and how
consistent you are.

You may not win every contest and that’s
OK.  The harder you try, the more often
you’ll find yourself winning, and
ultimately, it’s all about making sales

Please feel free to leave a comment below to ask questions or share strategies you have used to win big affiliate contests.

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