How To Write Winning Headlines That Capture Attention Fast

The power of a winning headline has a
significant effect on your bottom line.
If you fail to capture the attention your
readers within the first few minutes
of them reading your sales copy, you
probably lose them permanently.

Your Headline Sets The Mood

This is the very first impression that is
made on your visitors, and it is the single
most important element of a successful
sales page.

A Compelling Headline Is Everything!

An irresistible headline captures
attention and persuades people to
continue reading the entire copy on
your page until you have closed the
deal. It convinces visitors to become
customers and makes believers out of
people who are skeptics. Done right, a
headline has the power to transform
your sales page into a really amazing
money-making machine. Some people
think the headline of a sales page is
the most important part of your entire
marketing system.

Following a formula proven to
create attention-grabbing headlines
used by the most expertly experienced
copywriters online, you really can’t
fail!  In this post, I will share some of the
most effective strategies for creating
successful headlines.  You can do this
even if you are brand new to copywriting.

Don’t Complicate Your Sales Copy

Break your copy down so that it was clear,
targeted and straightforward. Your readers
will feel a connection to your copy because
it speaks to them directly while increasing
your conversion rates at the same time.

Your headline and marketing message
should be simplified. Remove any excessive
and unnecessary language or confusing words
and be direct. If you need inspiration, read
newspaper headlines and you begin
to see the creation of headlines in action.
Limiting yourself to fewer words, you’re
headlines will be a lot more powerful.

Benefits Always Succeed

You need to truly understand the greatest
benefit of the product or service you
are selling in order to create a winning headline,
and use those within your sales copy.
You also need to ensure that you know the
difference between a benefit and a feature so
you don’t lead with the wrong message.
This is a common mistake people make.

You need to give your visitor’s a reason to
continue reading your sales page immediately
by displaying the biggest advantage and the
greatest benefit to the offer you are promoting.
That way, if your reader doesn’t relate to or
connect with anything else on the page, or don’t
continue reading the rest of the page, they
are at least aware of the biggest reason
why they should respond to your offer
because the main point of the headline
is to highlight the tremendous value that
your reader will receive by taking action.

Customers buy benefits.  They don’t buy
features.  Therefore, you need to explain
to them exactly how the product or service
will improve their situation, provide fulfillment
improve their lives, or solve a problem for them.
Customers are looking to justify their decision to
make a purchase so give them one.

Successful headlines is all about speaking the
same language a your target customer.
Sub-headlines add more detail to your headline,
provides clarity and reinforces value.
There is more that you can do so no need to
stop there. Consider using sub-headlines
all through your sales copy to continue highlighting
important benefits and to break up your
copy into easy to digest segments, especially
when writing lengthy sales copy that can easily get
bogged down and be difficult to read.

Sub-headlines can break up your copy when using long form
sales copy, keeping your reader engaged and encouraging
them to read lengthy paragraphs.  It will help them make
it to the next bit of information.

Sub-headlines should always feature
additional benefits of your product or service.
You can always use power words just as
you would in your headline, but ALWAYS
focus on benefits. This will strengthen your
sales copy and it if you write your sub-headlines
first, it can even help the flow of your copy, while
providing you with ideas for your sales page!

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