I just discovered one big secret to success that I had completely overlooked.  I generally spend quite a bit of my free time on my online business. But recently, I started to feel run down.  My diet was complete garbage and my exercise routine consisted of going from my bed to my office 5 days a week. On the weekends, I also found myself struggling and doing the bare minimum to catch up on chores and errands plus help with family issues that seemed to be never-ending.  I found myself constantly wishing that I had the energy to accomplish more. I had gotten behind on everything it seemed, including my online business efforts.


Personal Service

My last post was all about customer service. This post is a lesson in personal service or self-care. Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of your health, life only becomes more difficult. I had gotten into a routine of eating whatever was quick and easy which consisted of high sugar, high fat and high everything that reeks havoc on a person’s body. My unhealthy lifestyle was interfering with my actual life, including my business. My plan was that I would eat healthy later after my first big product launch was over. After all, I needed all the time and money I could spare to make my launch a success. I didn’t understand what was going on; the more time and money I tried to conserve, the less of both I seemed to have.


I Just Discovered One BIG Secret To Success The Hard Way And It's Not What You ThinkI Thought I Was Dying

A few days ago, my allergies had finally gotten the best of me so I waited until Friday night and took a prescription my doctor had given me months ago in hopes of alleviating my symptoms, knowing it would likely make me pretty drowsy. Here’s what happened… I was SO tired and exhausted I was dreaming about being tired and exhausted! In my dreams, I was going from one doctor to another convinced I could very well be dying. On Saturday, I was so sick for most of the day that I didn’t accomplish much of anything at all.

The Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle

By Saturday afternoon, I knew I had to change my lifestyle.  I ate healthy food (well, I got down what little I had on hand), and invested in a masticating juicer and a rebounder trampoline I found online. On Sunday, I already had more energy, so I went to Aldi (no Whole Foods, EarthFare or any of those types of places in my rural community) and invested in some healthy foods. I may have been eating poorly, but I do know what I should be eating, how to do it on a budget, and that a body needs regular exercise to stay healthy and function normally.

The Results

Four weeks ago I joined an internet marketing coaching program with John Thornhill. Up until Sunday (yesterday), I had only accomplished part of week one but had expected to be fast-tracked to week ten by now. However, my poor lifestyle choices had taken its toll on me and I was getting nowhere fast. Today is Monday and I am sitting here on my lunch break with enough energy to write my third blog post after getting my blog and my act together in just two days.  And, my allergies seem to be much better too.

I Just Discovered One BIG Secret To Success The Hard Way And It's Not What You ThinkInvesting in Your Health Is An Investment In Your Business

So there you have it, one BIG secret to success I discovered the hard way; personal care. You have to take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle to create a successful business or really to accomplish anything worthwhile in life. Remember to keep things simple. I bought foods that were quick and easy to prepare, got a chemical-free, easy-to-clean juicer, and bought a highly recommended mini trampoline because it seemed like a fun way to exercise. Both were less than $200 total and a smart investment.  I thought I was saving time and money by eating cheap fast food and skipping the exercise routine. I could not have been more wrong.  Take care of your health. Trust me, it really does play a big role in your success.

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