Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Connect With Your Target Audience   Part 1 Introduction

In this blog series, you will learn proven
lead generation strategies to connect with
your target audience without spending a lot
of money.  Welcome to part 1: Introduction.

You’re Selling Something If  You Have An Online Business

You might be selling your own product, a
service that you provide or an affiliate
product.  No matter what it is that you’re
selling, you need leads.

Leads are very valuable and in most
industries, $20 or more is the cost of just
ONE SINGLE LEAD! Yes, leads are THAT
valuable. But you won’t have to pay that kind
of money.  Here you will learn exactly how
you can connect easily with high-quality
leads in unlimited amounts without spending a
lof money. You can position yourself to
achieve this if you have the skills, which you
are about to learn.

What Is A Lead?

Simply put, a lead is a potential buyer.  But
most importantly, a qualified prospect. This
prospect has proven to be interested in your
services or products.  It is someone who is a
potential customer or client.

It is not  someone guaranteed to buy, but it IS
someone who is by far more likely to buy
because they have shown interest in your
niche market.

Get Them To Offer Their Contact Information
Through Enticement

In order for a potential buyer to offer their
contact information in exchange for something
of value, you must entice them. This might be
with a free report, training video, discount
coupon, or something else of value, but it
should be something that they would be
interested in.  But this is only if they
would also probably be interested in whatever
it is that you are SELLING.

For example, offering a discount coupon for a
donut shop is NOT going to get qualified
leads for you if you are selling cell
phones.  A guide on how to get rock hard abs
is NOT going to get you qualified leads if
you’re offering a logo design service. Sure,
a few of them might be interested in what
you’re selling, but you want people who have
clearly expressed some level of interest in the
types of products or services you are offering.

Here is a simple example: If you’re offering
dog sitting services, you might offer a free
report on how to train your dog, or how to
get discounts on pet supplies or maybe
even a coupon for 50% off their first night
of pet sitting.

Generating Leads: Four Main Elements

• The system
• The lead magnet (offer)
• The squeeze page/entry funnel
• Traffic

In upcoming blog posts, we will focus on each
of these four elements.  You will learn more
about how to start generating leads as you
move through the series. By the end, you’ll be
ready to start connecting with red-hot prospects
in your niche market so you can instantly maximize
your income and expand your outreach.

Stay tuned for the next post for Step One of
the 4 main elements of to generating leads:
The System 

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