In the last post, I provided you with an
introduction to lead generation strategies
and ways to connect with your target audience
and an overview of the four main elements to
generating leads.  Welcome to part 2.  To

Generating Leads: Four Main Elements

• The system
• The lead magnet (offer)
• The squeeze page/entry funnel
• Traffic

In this post, we will focus on…

Step One: The System Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Connect With Your Target Audience   Part 2 The System

If you want to generate leads, the very first
thing that you must do is
sign up for a service that will allow
you to build a database of leads
through the use of a web form.

Most people use an autoresponder
service such as MailChimp, MailerLite,
aWeber, or GetResponse. I personally use

However, there are also services that will
allow you to collect, store, manage and search
various types of information if you should
need more details from your leads.

If all you need to collect is name and email,
you can just use a simple autoresponder system.
Collecting a name and email address
is fine for most online marketing purposes.

If you’re just getting started
MailerLite and MailChimp have free
versions you can use for a while. I also use
MailChimp and you can’t beat their free
services when you are just starting out.



If you want or need to collect more in-depth
information from your leads, you might want
to use a CRM, or customer relationship
management, software. This kind of
software has in-depth information
collection and management which allows you
to build a rich database of customer
information that you can use for
marketing purposes.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the most popular
and powerful CRM systems out.
You can start with a FREE account to
try it out. You can have up to 10
users with the trial account without
entering any credit card
information to get started.

Agile will allow you to set up autoresponder
campaigns, segment your lists, perform A/B
split testing and will even predict your
customers’ behavior in the future!

Agile CRM has some of the
best pricing in the autoresponder industry.
Plans starting at just $8.99 per month (at
the current time) after the free trial period.


Infusionsoft is one of the most
well-known CRM systems and the one that I am
most familiar with. They
have a very powerful selection of
features. Infusionsoft syncs with over
200 other services from Gmail to
Shopify and Bigcommerce to Woocommerce.

Infusionsoft has extremely powerful
analytics integrated and a fully developed
sales pipeline built in and so MUCH more.

The main con to using Infusionsoft is
the price. Pricing starts at $199 (at the
current time) and scales upward. It is a
very powerful software, but the price may
be too high for you to afford if you’re just
getting started.


Salesforce is another well-known
CRM with a huge arsenal of tools.

Plans start at just $25 per month (at the current time)
for just lead generation alone, so it is
affordable for smaller businesses who don’t have
a lot of user =s accessing the software. If you don’t
need the advanced features they offer, you can
successfully use the cheapest plan just for
generating leads.

The Salesforce lead management system allows
you to keep track of all the stages of
customer interaction and transactions.

Once you have decided which system you’re
going to use and you have signed up for
an account and have gotten familiar with how it works,
it’s time to move on to the next step – the offer.

Stay tuned for the next post for Step Two of the 4 main elements of to generating leads: The Offer 

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