In the last post, I provided you with an
overview of the system for generating leads
with the main focus on autoresponders and CRM
(Customer Relationship Management) Software.
Welcome to part 3. To recap:

Generating Leads: Four Main Elements

• The system

• The lead magnet (offer)

• The squeeze page/entry funnel

• Traffic

In this post, we will focus on…

Step Two: The Offer Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Connect With Your Target Audience   Part 3 The Offer

Once you have chosen the system you are

going to use and have set up your initial campaign,

you need to think about creating your offer or your

“lead magnet”, as many people refer to it.

Think of it as kind of like fishing.  Your

leads are like fish and your lead magnet is the bait

that lure them in.

Your offer needs to appeal directly to your chosen

demographic audience. Don’t expect to catch a trout

with a fancy lure meant for bass.

While it’s possible, it’s not very likely,

and you will have a much better chance of

catching a trout with something that

is known to appeal to them such as

Earthworms or minnows.


What might appeal to your target audience?

What would they be interested in learning

that they don’t already know? What items

would they be interested in getting a discount for?


Create A Special Report

This is what most people do to create a lead

magnet. A report is usually 10-20 pages, but

it could be up to 50 pages or more, depending on

how much you want to say to your audience. Longer

reports are best to use when you have a complex subject

and you are not selling any information on the subject.

For example, if you’re in the real estate business

selling houses, you could give away a

50-page guide on how to find the perfect house for yourself

and include information about things such utilities, zoning

regulations, homeowners’ associations, home inspections,

road frontage and so on.

But if you’re selling an SEO information product,

a shorter report about 20 pages long on a small portion

of the topic would be much more fitting because you

don’t want to give away all of your information for free.

You can also outsource the creation of your lead magnet

or purchase a high-quality PLR product to use which will

save you a lot of time.


Offer A Hefty Discount Coupon To Leads

You may want to consider this option if you have

a product that is in demand in your niche. If you

have a sales funnel with upsells or recurring business

model that allows you to use the initial sale as a loss

leader, this is especially useful. You can take a loss

on the front end and make more money on the

backend at a later time.  Once you have your lead magnet

ready to go, be sure that you add a link to it to your

autoresponder service as a follow-up after people

opt-in to your list. You don’t want to have to send all

of that free stuff out manually!  Use your autoresponder

service’s help section to find out how to set up a follow-up

email that has a link to your lead magnet. The process

will be a little bit different for each service, but it’s

not really difficult. It’s pretty much just as easy as

sending an email.

After that, it’s time to create the squeeze page in preparation promote it!

Stay tuned for the next post for Step Three of the 4 main elements of to generating leads: The Squeeze Page 

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