In the last post, we discussed the offer or lead magnet that will appeal to your target audience.  Welcome to part 4.  To recap:

There Are Four Main Elements To Generating Leads

• The system
• The lead magnet (offer)
• The squeeze page/entry funnel
• Traffic

In this post, we will focus on…

Step Three: The Squeeze Page Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Connect With Your Target Audience   Part 4 The Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is your lead
generation page. It is a web page
created specifically to collect
information from people and once they
provide it, your autoresponder will direct them
to the page where they can access and download
their free product.

The Squeeze Page Should Be Relatively Short

A squeeze page is not like a long sales letter.
People don’t really need very much convincing
when something is free, but they do
need some convincing. After all, they don’t want
to give up their personal contact
information unless they really think your
lead magnet will be of benefit to them.

For this reason, a squeeze page should
have just enough information to entice
your reader into taking action. If it is
too long, readers will become bored and
leave the page before they opt-in!

In General, A Squeeze Page Should Consist Of:

• Headline – This should immediately
capture attention and persuade
people to continue reading.

• Sub-headline – Provides a little
more information and supports
the headline. 

• Bullet points – Quick and easy to digest
highlights about how the prospect
will benefit by subscribing to your
newsletter or entering your sales funnel.

• Call-to-action – Direct prompt
which instructs the prospect on how to
complete the process of signing up for
the free offer.

• Lead generation form – this is usually
generated by your autoresponder
or lead generation service with different
form fields and a button to submit their


There are services that you can sign up
for that provides monthly lead generation
packages that include squeeze pages and
high-quality content that you can email
to your list, and everything else that
you need to start collecting leads and
building a backend system.

Information to Collect

Most people only collect the name and
email address of their leads, but you
may need more information than that,
depending on your niche market, and
whether or not you want to segment
your lists further to identify potential
customers using demographic based

Collecting the name and address of
potential customers is probably enough
information for general marketing
purposes, but if you’re selling a
high-end service or product such as real
estate or legal services, or a product or
service that requires one-on-one contact
such as coaching, you will need to begin
collecting as much information as
possible to assist you with a better
connection with your potential customers.

In situations like this, it’s probably
better to request their name, address,
telephone number, and email. You may
even need additional information, such
as their date of birth (selling
something for adults only, for instance)
or even more detailed information, such
as the breed of their dog, or their
income. You don’t want to ask for too
much information.  This will cause
people to get frustrated and leave
without filling out your form—but you do
want to get just enough information to
make sure that they are a qualified lead.

In other words, you should decide what
information you really need to know upfront
and what you can gather later in the selling

When your squeeze page is set up and
you have added your lead magnet to your
autoresponder service, it’s time to
start sending traffic to your squeeze

Stay tuned for the next post for Step Four of the 4 main elements of to generating leads: Traffic 

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