In the last post, we discussed the squeeze page, which is your lead generation page and is designed specifically to collect information from people using your autoresponder service, which will direct them to the page where they can download their free offer. Welcome to part 5.  To recap:

There Are Four Main Elements To Generating Leads

• The system
• The lead magnet (offer)
• The squeeze page/entry funnel
• Traffic

In this post, we will focus on…

Step Four: Traffic Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Connect With Your Target Audience   Part 5 Traffic

The three previous steps were fairly
easy. Even if you create your own lead
magnet and need to take some time
to learn how to use your autoresponder
or CRM service, you can complete the
three previous steps in a few days at most.

You might think getting traffic is the hardest
step, but it’s really a lot easier than you
might think to get traffic! We are going
to focus on  just a few of the best free and
paid traffic strategies

Free Traffic

As far as getting free traffic, there is really
only one method that’s quick enough to
start generating traffic today, does not
have a really steep learning curve, and
provides quality traffic that can really
convert well: social media.

You need to keep in mind that some markets
are better suited for certain social networks
than others are, so it’s important
to locate your market and be very certain
that you are focusing most of your time and
attention on those locations. While you
can still utilize other social networks,
most of your efforts should be focused
on social networking sites that have a higher
percentage of your target demographic.

Below we are going to look at a few of the
most popular social networks, and how
you can locate your target demographic
on each one of them to find out which
site(s) you should be concentrating on.


Locating your target demographic on
Facebook is pretty simple.  To begin,
search for a topic that is related to your
niche and find pages and groups that
fit into your niche.

For example, if you are offering a dog
sitting service, you want to search
for things like pet owner groups
in your city or state. You want to find
out how many people are in those groups,
as well as how many groups there are. This
will provide you with a rough idea of how
many people you can reach on Facebook.

Join these groups and start participating
them, making sure to follow their
rules. If they don’t allow any promotions,
you will need to contact the group
administrators to ask for their permission
to advertise your service. Otherwise,
you should be able to jump in with promoting
your service if people to ask about dog sitting

You can also start your own group,
which is really your best option. Doing this
will provide you with a source of traffic
that you can turn into leads at any time.

You should also start a Facebook page
for your business and include a link
to your squeeze page on your page.


Pinterest is sort of like an online corkboard.
You can create multiple “boards” and
pin images with links, which is sort of like
bookmarking a page.

You can find out how popular your niche
is on Pinterest by doing a keyword search,
and then clicking on “boards” to find out
how many people have boards that are related
to your niche AND how many followers those
boards actually have.

You can also search pins for a specific niche
and see how many repins each one of them has.
This will let you know how interested people
are in that niche.

Pinterest has a huge amount of traffic,
and it’s pretty easy to access just
by following users that have some
connection to your niche, pinning
content related to your niche, and by using
keywords in your board names and descriptions.

You need to have some interesting
content to pin, so it’s a good idea to
create a blog or a website that to
post content related to your niche. For
example, you could have a blog about
dog care for your dog sitting service and
post useful information for dog owners.

One thing that is important to note is that
Pinterest is heavily imaged-based, so
you need very good images to pin that
relate to your blog article.

For example, if you have posted an
article called “7 Tips for
Housebreaking Your New Puppy”, you
would want to include a photo of  something
that is related to housebreaking a puppy and
write the title of your article on the image.

If you take a look at Pinterest, you will
notice that most images are taller than
they are wide.  Images are constrained by
width but have much more space to
expand lengthwise. Therefore, try to make
sure that your images have the same format.


Instagram is a really great platform for
visual content and you can get loads
of traffic from it, especially if your
business is related to beauty, fashion,
lifestyle, art, food and cooking,
crafts, or other topics that are
popular and are visually appealing.

You can get a good indication of what is
popular on Instagram by searching
for a term that is related to your niche and
then clicking on “Tags”. This will show
how many posts are currently on Instagram
using that phrase, as well as other related

For example, if I search for “cats”,
I will see millions of posts with
hashtags such as #catsofinstagram,
#cats, #catstagram, and #catsmeowing.

You can also click on the “People” tab and
look at some of the top profiles to see
how many followers they have. This is
another good indication of interest in
your niche.

Three steps important to
getting traffic from Instagram:

1. Fill out your profile and include a
link to your website or squeeze page.
Make sure you choose an
interesting photo of yourself or
something that is related to your niche
as your profile picture. Also, include that
link because you can’t include links in
the descriptions of your posts!
(Tell people to check your
profile for a link.)

2. Post often. Instagram posts are scrolled
by and gone quickly if someone follows
a lot of profiles, so the best way to get
your posts seen is to post as often as
possible. Do NOT spam!
A few posts a day is OK, but you will
need to spread them out every few hours.
Also, be sure to add at least 5 relevant
hashtags to every single post!

3. Follow people who are in your
related niche. Many people will follow
you back. Other people will find and follow
you from those people’s profiles. You
should also follow at least 20 new
profiles each day, which you can find
easily through the search function and
from referrals from other people. Focus
mostly on following accounts related to
your niche because you want to get qualified
leads and not just a high follower count!

Other Social Networks

There are other social networks that
can be effective for traffic generation
depending on your target market. You
can try them to determine how they perform
in your niche market, but you might want
to concentrate your efforts on the
sites we just discussed above.

Paid Traffic

Using paid ads is not recommended until
you have generated a good amount of free
traffic to your squeeze page for a quite a
while and have tested your conversion rates.
If you aren’t getting a lot of leads, you may
want to make some changes to your
squeeze page and/or lead magnet to
increase your conversion rates.

Once you are satisfied with how your page is
converting, you can start paying for some
traffic to send to your offer.

Below we will discuss some of the most
effective paid ad platforms. They are
the most profitable in general, but they
may not work for all niches the same way
Because of this, you need to track your conversions
carefully, adjusting your page as needed, and
stop any ads that are not performing well.

Facebook Ads

Because ads are relatively affordable and
convert well, in general Facebook is
considered to be one of the best advertising
platforms.  The main reason is because of how
well they are able to get targeted ads to the
appropriate audience.

We have already discussed how
important it is to get qualified leads.
Facebook is wonderful for that because
they have amazingly advanced targeting
options. You can target people based on
gender, age, location, marital status, and
just about anything else you can think of…
PLUS, you can target people by interests,
their shopping habits, and a lot more.

Continuing with the example of using a
local dog sitting business, you can
target people in your city, your
surrounding cities, AND also are dog
owners. You can really get THAT

When you create your ad, you need to
pay attention to the type of ad that you’re
creating. The desktop view newsfeed and
mobile newsfeed formats are considered to
be the most profitable.

You should always be mindful
that the price you pay for your
Facebooks ads is based heavily on
your click thru rate (CTR), so it is
important that you design the most
effective ad possible. If you notice that
an ad has a low CTR, you should pause
the ad and make some changes. Keep
modifying it until you find the right
combination you need in order to get
qualified leads at a low cost.

Facebook has a helpful guide to assist
you with getting started:

Bing Ads

Because they have a lot less traffic than
Facebook, Google and some other
platforms, Bing’s ad platform isn’t
nearly as competitive as many others.
However, you can still get lots of traffic
at a very low price.  Because the lower
competition means that you can get more
traffic than with the more competitive sites,
you could very well be the only advertiser in
a category.

Just like Google AdWords, Bing is a pay-per-click
(PPC) platform.  If you are already familiar
with AdWords, you shouldn’t have much trouble
getting started with Bing ads. They have a lot of
training if you are not already familiar with the platform.

Other Ad Platforms

YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram,
Google AdWords, and many others are
some examples of other ad platorms you
can use.  However, these can be a little
more difficult to master than the other three
platforms discussed earlier because they
are either more competitive, more expensive
competitive, or harder to master. For this reason,
you should try exploring other platforms once you
have mastered the other three we and are getting
consistent results.

This was the last post in the series.  I hope you found it to be useful!

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