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After you have chosen your niche and your e-commerce platform, you can set up your site to get it ready for traffic. if you are having trouble at this point, consult with the documentation provided by your chosen platform for advice on setting up your store.

Once you have your store up and running, it’s time to focus on getting traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic, both free and paid. I will discuss both, but you can choose the methods that you think will work best for your site.

The Top 3 Social Media Traffic Sources To Boost Your E Commerce SalesI am going to concentrate on social media, because it’s the easiest way to generate traffic because it doesn’t cost much, if anything, in the beginning.

Facebook Traffic

Facebook has both free and paid methods for promotion. I highly recommend that you use paid promotions if you have the money because you can reach a lot more people.

You can also reach people without spending any money if you’re short on cash. Join some Facebook groups related to your niche and start posting on them on a regular basis. Then, with permission from the group’s owner, ask if you can post a link to your shop.

You could run contests for group members and give away store credit to attract more attention.


Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to an e-commerce store because it’s been proven to be the single best platform for selling products. While other platforms may bring in more volume, Pinterest will usually convert better.

I recommend that you start a separate Pinterest account for each niche or store that you create because people often don’t follow accounts that are unorganized and random. If you want people to follow you, then you need to have a very target niche with several boards and interesting pins.

In order to grow your followers on Pinterest,  you should start out by following a number of accounts in your niche.  However, you should make sure you’ve already set up your profile in thorough detail and have created a few boards. This way you will get more people to follow you in return.

Here are a few more tips for Pinterest:

  • Use keywords in your name (Example: Smoothie King | Smoothie Recipes)
  • Use keywords in the description of your pins
  • Use your best images on the cover of each board
  • Use keywords as your board names
  • Make all of your pins taller than they are wide to stand out
  • Create pins often and consistently throughout the day, but don’t pin too many at once
  • Only pin the very best content to keep the quality of your pins high


Instagram Traffic

If you can get good engagement, Instagram is also a great way to get sales.  In order to get people to interact with your posts, you need to make sure that all of your images are interesting enough to get people to like and comment on them.

Tips for Instagram marketing:

  • Follow big accounts in your niche
  • Always use at least 5 hashtags in every post
  • Consistently like posts from your followers so they will return the favor
  • Only a few times per day, but post regularly

There other social media platforms to promote your e-commerce site but these are the best ones to concentrate on when you are first starting out.

Get in on the discussion and leave your comments below. 

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