No Store E-commerce Method

In this post, I will be discussing the No
Store E-commerce Method, which is the
simplest method for earning money online
with e-commerce. If you’re interested in
e-commerce and are looking for a shortcut
to make the most money quickly and easily,
then keep reading.

One of the only systems in existence that
you can use to make money online that
truly is evergreen, sustainable, and can
keep making money for you for years to
come, is e-commerce. Did you know that
ordinary people are making money online
with e-commerce who have no business
background or experience, no advanced
education, and no huge amounts of money
to start, who are making millions selling
everyday items?

No Store E-commerce Method This No Store E commerce Method Can Help You Start Making Cash Online Today

What’s great about this method is that you
don’t have to put the time, effort and
money into building an e-commerce store.
You don’t have to store inventory, you
don’t have to get a warehouse to store
inventory AND you can also get started
today. The no store e-commerce method that
we’re going to be using is drop shipping.
Actually, that’s only just one part of it.
If you’re not familiar with drop shipping,
it’s where you order the products from
suppliers and they ship them directly to
your customers. You don’t have to deal
with the actual products at all. So, when
a customer places an order from you and
then pay you, then you go to your
supplier, place an order and they ship the
item(s) directly to your customer. There
is no need for you to store any inventory.

Focus on ONE Product

Another cool thing about this method is
that we’re just going to be focusing on
ONE product to sell. You don’t have to
worry about different types of products or
even a lot of products. The type of
product that you’re going to be selling is
something that’s unique and grabs
attention. First, you will set up a
simple webpage for the product. Then, you
will create a funnel so when people buy
that one product they will be presented
with an upsell for a similar product or
something that compliments that product.
So, it’s not actually just one product
that you will be selling, although you can
do that if you want. However, if you want
to maximize your profit, I do recommend
you have an upsell with another product.
If you want, and you could have two or
more upsell. But just to keep it simple,
let’s just focus on one upsell for now.

If you are using WordPress to create your
e-commerce site, will want a fast and easy
way to create professional marketing pages
for your product plus your complete product
funnel.  For this, I highly recommend
WP Profit Builder.

I have used this plugin since it was first
released in 2014.  You don’t need any
technical knowledge or skills.

Get it here:
WP Profit Builder

Storeless Solution

Storeless app is another very cool
solution that includes hosting.  You can
use it to build unlimited funnels and
build funnels on any type of e-commerce
business model you’re running, whether
it’s standard drop-shipping, free +
shipping, print on demand, private label
or subscription model.

With Storeless, you will also get access
to dozens of ready-made e-commerce sales
page templates that you can deploy
immediately and accept orders directly in
your account using Paypal, Stripe or a
full-blown shopping cart platform such as
SamCart, Clickbank, ThriveCart,
Paykickstart, GumRoad, InfusionSoft etc,
this platform also supports those.

There’s so much you can do with the app,
apart from allowing you to manage and
fulfill your orders.  You’ll be able to see
who’s abandoning their cart, and more
importantly, you’ll see the reason why
they abandoned their cart, which gives you
an edge in recovering the lost sales
compared to regular stores that never
reveal why a cart was abandoned.

Get this amazing app here:


Facebook Ads

Once you set up your funnel, you are going
to post it on Facebook.

Marketing a product that’s unique and
grabs attention, there is no better way to
do that than with Facebook. If people are
scrolling down their Facebook accounts and
they see an ad or a picture with something
that they’ve never seen before, or it just
looks very interesting, we’re likely going
to get them to click on it. When they do,
they will be taken to your product sales
funnel with a countdown timer to create a
sense of urgency.

In nutshell, that is the No Store E-commerce Method.  If you want more information, get the full course for FREE.

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